Throughout the world, there is a constant stream of events going on that require crowd control barricades, pedestrian barriers and special event barricades. In order to provide a safe environment, crowd control systems must be established. MasterCade provides high-quality barricades to make your event safe and successful. Don’t settle for outdated, ugly bicycle barricades! Wow your event attendees with MasterCade!

As time progresses, so does the inventions and technology. Mastercade is a new innovative tool when it comes to barricades for crowd control. What makes MasterCade so special is its design. Our overall design is much more pleasing to the eye and allows you more banner space to promote and advertise at your event. Think of how pleasing it would be to have a barricade that adds more depth to marathons, 5k’s, 10k’s, triathlons, local community events, parades, concerts and all other types of events! This is what MasterCade does for its customers. We not only add security, but add more of that WOW factor to the event.

The MasterCade Crowd control is a barricade system designed to keep people safe in a contained environment. The next generation of barricades is here. MasterCade is the epitome of crowd control and the next wave of innovative crowd control tools that will not only sweep the Chicago area, but the whole nation.

Features of MasterCade

  • Strong, Sturdy design
  • Media Barricades: Logos, Promtions or Advertisements printed on privacy screens within the barricade
  • Multiple barricade color options available
  • Expert barricade event setup and take down